Automotive industry

Pilot production

  • Pressure and gravity die casting of pilot production. For the testing of structures and creating of first, less expensive prototypes.
  • Small to medium-sized series, allowing implementation with inexpensive tools. Faster and cheaper changes compared to steel moulds.
  • By adapting the tempering, the material characteristics can be adapted to the later mass production process.
  • In particular, structural castings in aluminium for the bodyshell, magnesium castings for extreme lightweight construction in vehicle body and engine, gearbox.
  • Including EMPB creation with 3D optical measurement against data set.
  • Radiographic testing to ensure structural quality.


  • Small series production in a very short time.
  • Light metals that are predestined to reduce weight, especially for motor sports.
  • Chassis components, engine and gearbox housing and computer boxes, for example, meeting the special requirements of motorsport.
  • Extreme lightweight construction through weight-optimised design.
  • Oil and water channels for optimum utilisation of space possible. Including pressure tests according to customer specifications.
  • Organic structures feasible.
  • Radiographic testing to ensure structural quality.

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