Sand casting

Depending on the application and requirements of the client, the most technically and economically viable process is used after a technical casting consultation.

Sand casting in aluminium and magnesium generally allows high design freedom and cost-effective fabrication of components with complex geometries.

Sand casting products

The variety and diversity of our products in the field of aluminium casting are suitable for different needs and demands and cover a wide range of known and innovative aluminium casting processes. This way we can provide the most ideal process for your needs and requirements. Whether small, medium or large scale production, we find the best solution for your needs and provide you with the ideal aluminium casting process. Regardless of which aluminium casting process you choose, they all offer high cost effectiveness and ensure excellent quality of the goods produced.


Sand casting is suitable for:

  • All known aluminium and magnesium alloys
  • Simple to sophisticated component geometry
  • Serial production size from single casting to 1,000 pieces/a
  • Component weight of 1 to 1,500 kg
  • The sand casting in our company is divided into two main casting processes:
    • Gravity sand casting
    • Low-pressure sand casting

Features of sand casting

  • Pourable wall thickness from 2 mm – consult with the foundry
  • Surface finish Ra 6.3 – 12.5
  • Tolerances according to ISO 8062 CT08 – CT10

Advantages of sand casting

  • High flexibility; therefore, can be used for both small and large castings
  • High surface quality and good dimensional stability
  • Suitable for core-intensive, complex moulded multi-part castings
  • Cost-efficient model facilities enable the economical production of small series
  • Changes are implemented on short notice and cost-effectively
  • Short delivery times
Vorteile Sandguss

Sand casting in machine moulding process

This moulding process is ideally suited for the production of large series when high productivity and excellent quality are demanded. For the production of large series, we are equipped with two plants for machine casting moulds with a box size of 1200 x 850 x 400 mm. Metallguß Steinrücken also has a semi-automatic plant for the production of medium and small series.

Sand casting in hand moulding process

This moulding process is particularly suitable for the production of prototypes, single pieces and small series, as it allows the fast and flexible production of moulds. These are traditionally made by hand in aluminium and magnesium casting processes.

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