Low-pressure sand casting

Among the major aluminium casting processes, the low-pressure sand casting process is characterised by its particularly high design freedom. It also enables the optimum physical development of thin wall thicknesses as well as the production of castings with high mechanical properties.

Compared to conventional sand casting, low-pressure sand casting is distinguished by high reproducibility and process reliability of mould filling, as well as better structural and surface quality.


Moreover, this aluminium casting process combines the advantages of low-pressure gravity die casting with those of sand casting. This not only allows the highest mechanical properties to be achieved, but at the same time also excellent cost effectiveness and design freedom. This aluminium casting process also allows the production of large-sized castings.

  • In the low-pressure aluminium sand casting process important parameters of the casting procedure can be standardised and so provide process reliability.
  • Filling time, speed and pressure are controllable and reproducible using the low-pressure system.

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